CAPS receives award from mental health advocacy and suicide prevention organization

P1080384This week, the Jed Foundation honored Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services with the JedCampus Seal. After University of Arizona student Jed Satow committed suicide in 1998, his parents created The Jed Foundation, with the mission of protecting the emotional health of college students.

The award, valid for two years, acknowledges the University’s efforts to provide “comprehensive mental health promotion and suicide prevention programs on campus.” The Seal is part of the JedCampus program, the first of its kind in the nation, which assesses universities’ capacity to address mental health services and identifies clear areas of improvement. Thirty colleges and universities nationwide have received this recognition.

John MacPhee, Executive Director of The Jed Foundation, said “We believe that the implementation of a campus-wide approach to mental health promotion will lead to safer, healthier campuses, and possibly greater student retention.” By recognizing the efforts of CAPS, the organization commends Georgetown as a leading institution in implementing this so-called campus-wide approach.

“The foundation’s recognition of Georgetown University is the result of hard work from all members of our campus safety net,” said James Welsh, Georgetown’s assistant vice president of student health. “All of these individuals are committed to doing everything that we can do to ensure the safety of our students, and to provide them access to the care that they need.”

Photo: Georgetown Voice/Katherine Landau

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