This Week in the Voice: MOOCs and GMS Fails

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In this week’s feature, the Voice examines the pros and cons of online courses at Georgetown, and the future of online education at the University.

Through these projects, Georgetown is rapidly moving into the technological arena by making online learning a substantial part of the undergraduate experience. While this puts Georgetown on par with its tech-savvy peers and presents students with a cheaper, more diverse course selection, faculty members on the Hilltop and elsewhere are raising concerns about the pedagogical effectiveness of online courses, in addition to the broader implications for higher education.

News reports that Georgetown Management System has failed to pay some of its workers for weeks because their names were not entered into the personnel database.

Leisure offers suggestions and new hang out spots for record-lovers. Don’t worry: Urban Outfitters is not one of their picks.

For Sports, columnist Chris Almeida mourns the University’s lack of strong centers in basketball and hopes that a new recruit could spell the return of Big Man U.

Julia Tanaka criticizes racist beauty standards and weighs the cost of catering to them in Voices.

The Editorial Board takes a stance on the canon law petition against Georgetown, encouraging the University to promote inclusivity and diversity as the foundation of Catholic education.

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