Comments of the Week: Godwin’s Law, Vox edition

Last week, Vox looked on in terror as William Blatty‘s (COL ’50) petition against Georgetown’s Catholic identity made it all the way to Pope Francis, looked on as the McCourt School of Public Policy was officially celebrated with formal ceremonies, and sat down for an interview with the friendly neighborhood Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88), former president of the Citizens Association of Georgetown.

In response to the Blatty petition, HAHA got the comment thread off to a running start by doing what is now becoming the Vox version of Godwin’s Law: as a Vox comment thread grows longer, the probability that someone will bring up the Stewards approaches 1.

Manuel A. Miranda, aka founder of the Stewards. And people were wondering why the Stewards became such a big issue during the GUSA election.

Let’s strip Georgetown of its Catholic affiliation!! Because Kathleen Sebelius spoke at commencement, and that’s WRONG!!!

The dirty-minded Em. Okay. is still caught up on that crazy scene with the crucifix. Maybe Blatty is, too, and this whole petition thing is just him trying to make it go away.

Yeah because movies where little girls use crucifixes to pleasure themselves are so canon.

What Idiots, meanwhile, just thinks it’s a little sketchy that the Catholic takeover of Georgetown was meant to be orchestrated by a guy named Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14).

Actually, girl with crucifix and pro-abort Sebelius are both evil. At least, in the movie the audience all knows it.

So let me get this right, HaHa, the water carrier of the great Catholic conspiracy would have been a guy named Applebaum? And GUSA would have been the vehicle for the Church miltant? Brilliant.

If anything will get Vox commenters fired up more than William Blatty, it’s Jennifer Altemus and her vision of a neighbor-only Georgetown. Rescind her degree reminded us that, yes, this woman was actually a student here too. She should have gone to Brown House more. That would have created a love for Georgetown’s vibrant party scene.

Seriously. She doesn’t deserve to have it.

After reading that Altemus suggested that we, oh, just move the entire hospital to create more housing space, What? said what we were all thinking.

This is a joke. Oh the hospital? Yeah…because we own the hospital, right?

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