Activists want D.C. to vote on marijuana legalization in 2014

legalize marijuana - save the economy

With legal weed now a reality in Colorado and Washington, far away from meddling narcs, marijuana advocates are eyeing legalization for a District in the feds’ backyard.

Last Friday, Adam Eidinger, the co-owner of Capital Hemp and leader of DCMJ 2014, released the draft text of a long-anticipated ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana outright in the District of Columbia. The proposal would allow people to buy up to 2 ounces of bud and permit people to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use.

While Eidinger initially sought to submit a ballot initiative that would merely decriminalize marijuana, he withdrew that proposal in September. Instead, he hopes his ballot initiative will either serve to improve the decriminalization bill already introduced to the D.C. Council or serve as an alternative if the bill fails.

poll released in April showed that 75 percent of D.C. residents favor the decriminalization of marijuana. A solid 63 percent said they would vote for enacting legalization in the District.

Eidinger worries that Councilmember Tommy Wells‘s (D-Ward 6) decriminalization bill will draw support away from his measure. If that happens, he says, he’ll withdraw the measure and work to build support among D.C. voters. “I won’t do it if it’s under 60 percent, you can mark my words,” Eidinger told DCist. “If we’re at 59 percent in our next poll of D.C. voters for legalization, if we’re losing support for legalization because of Wells’ efforts, then we won’t do it.”

Legalization would do more than simple decriminalization to stem drug violence and reduce incarceration rates, which persistently show a racial bias.

Georgetown students, here’s the link to register to vote in D.C. You’ll need it come next year.

Photo: Guney Cuceloglu via Flickr

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