Georgetown panel to present at national education innovation conference

This past Thursday, Georgetown University announced that it had been selected to attend SXSWEdu 2014, a national convention full of innovators looking for ways to improve the future of education. Georgetown University will send Program Manager for New Media and Digital Strategy Michael Wang, Provost Robert Groves, and Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis to represent the school. The event will take place in Austin, Texas from March 3 to 6.

“[Georgetown is] striving to be more nimble, innovative, ‘self-disruptive,’ while staying true to its mission and values as a ‘224-year-old company,'” Wang said. SXSWEdu has been described as seeking out-of-the-box thinking for the program, and the qualities of Georgetown described by Wang make Georgetown a “natural choice” for the conference, according to InTheCapital.

The panel, called “Designing the Future University from the Inside”, will be representing the D.C.-area by promoting improvements and modernism to an audience including high-tech companies and university administrators. The unique combination of participants at the conference guarantees collaboration between industry and education for the development of new ideas. Over the course of the conference, Georgetown will be able to savor the limelight in the world of education development at SXSW 2014 as one of the leading innovators of education in the United States.

The panel has also specifically said it will attempt to answer the question, “How can universities better collaborate across higher ed institutions when grappling with similar challenges (tech, academics, operations, innovation)?”. The panel will seek to solve problems regarding communication and operation in higher education entities among staff and students in addition to inter-university cooperation.

SXSWEdu seeks to  bring together the leading minds in education around the nation in order to develop new methodologies in education and tackle current obstacles in higher education. Questions to be discussed at this year’s convention include use of technology in education, physical universities versus online courses, ways to better engage students in academics, and characteristics that define successful universities. The panel will use examples from programs that have been implemented on Georgetown’s campus that are representative of the non-traditional education methods presented at the conference.

Photo: Alan Levine via Flickr

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