New puppy mascot, John B. Carroll, arrives on campus, caretaker application released

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Georgetown’s new mascot, John B. Carroll, arrived on campus this past Monday, October 21st. The 14 weeks-old puppy took the journey from San Diego, California to Georgetown with breeder Janice Hochstetler.

 According to Hochstetler, the trip here went smoothly. “He was an angel, and I was prepared for him not to be since he is 14 weeks old,” she said.

The Hochstetlers are the proud parents of two Georgetown alums and provided JJ. “My kids loved Georgetown so much. This is an expression of my desire for the mascot condition to continue,” Hochstetler said.

Though “B” stands for “bulldog,” the middle initial has traditionally been named in honor of the mascot’s caretaker. The middle initial “S” in JJ’s official name was in honor of Father Christopher Steck.

Hochstetler’s main goals for the week focused on getting the new mascot acclimated to campus. “[My goals are] twofold: I wanted to get a feel for what the Jack walkers go through. Our goal with this puppy is to learn from the mistakes made with JJ, and hopefully remedy them. I also wanted to get him acclimated slowly because he’s very attached to me,” she said.

John B. Carroll attended the men’s home soccer game against DePaul University yesterday. Hochstetler wanted to see how the new mascot would react to large crowds.

So far, John B. Carroll has behaved well in response to his new surroundings, and the student body has proven to be sensitive to the new mascot’s needs. “If you walk with a purpose, the students are very respectful. For the most part, I think students want it to work, and so they’re willing to do whatever to contribute to that. My initial thought today was to expose him to the large numbers of people, which he’s never seen before. That seemed to work,” Hochstetler said.

The new caretaker and John B. Carroll will live in a University-funded townhouse on 36th Street. Paul O’Neill (COL’86), chief operating officer for advancement and a member of the BAC, is living with the puppy until the caretaker is chosen. “I’m the surrogate caretaker right now,” O’Neill said.

Once the University chooses the new caretaker, he or she will immediately move into the townhouse with John B. Carroll.

Additional reporting by Deborah Sparks. 

Photos: Katherine Landau/Georgetown Voice

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  1. Now I know how it must of felt when they kicked Pete Best out of the Beatles. We miss you JJ.

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