Comments of the Week: Things that make you feel good, puppies and weed

This week, Vox examined yet another Hoya who’s made John Carroll sad (not that you can tell, he’s got a pretty good poker face), detailed the developments in potential marijuana legalization in the District, and cooed over the new puppy.

voxy does not roxy wanted to know the important facts about the puppy.

Real talk, though, what’s our new mascot dog’s name? Is it Jack? Jack Junior-don’t-sue-us-we’re-sorry-the-last-one-bit-your-kid? John Degioia (after going on an absurd power trip)??
We go through them so quickly, I don’t even know anymore…

Jacob sympathized with JJ’s troubles—it seemed like just yesterday he was going to be our beloved mascot for years.

Now I know how it must of felt when they kicked Pete Best out of the Beatles. We miss you JJ.

GC, on the other hand, has progressed from denial to anger.

Regardless of whether JJ could have adjusted to life on campus eventually, I still say screw that family that threatened suit. It’s a puppy. Get over it.

And finally, GFK breaks the real news this week:

BREAKING: Marijuana users still have capacity to be active

One Comment on “Comments of the Week: Things that make you feel good, puppies and weed

  1. More like Comments of the Weak. Are the trolls already hibernating in preparation for winter?

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