Chris Brown arrested on assault charges outside a District hotel

After several weeks of weird news around D.C. following the shutdown, all has returned to normal. How do we know this? News sources are reporting that Chris Brown and his bodyguard were arrested and charged with felony assault outside a Washington hotel this weekend. Reports of Brown acting up are just about as run-of-the-mill as Anthony Weiner sending dick-pics to a myriad of women or even D.C. rush-hour traffic at this point.

The Washington Post reports the “physical altercation” occurred in the late hours of Sunday morning at the W Hotel on 15th St., according to Officer Anthony Clay. The alleged victim, an adult male, was taken to a hospital and later released.

Brown has been charged with felony assault and could face several years in jail, as he is still on probation from his beating of Rihanna in 2009, according to CBS News.

Brown was in the District to perform at the Park on 14th, part of several events unofficially associated with Howard University’s homecoming. The owner of the night club said that Brown left around 2:30 a.m. and that “everything was fine,” according to the Post.

Monday afternoon the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, according to the Post. Yes, everything has indeed returned to normal, or as normal as it can be, in the District.

Photo: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

One Comment on “Chris Brown arrested on assault charges outside a District hotel

  1. I look forward to Brown’s foray into blues harmonica prison songs on his next album.

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