GUSA Roundup: Chicken Madness almost to be GUSA serial note-taker

GUSA roundupThe GUSA meeting last night opened with the election of the new executive officer. Three candidates stood in front of the room and spoke of their qualifications for five minutes each, exited the room and then waited for the Senate members to make a decision. After a half hour of heated debate, which included the discussion of dependability and enthusiasm and tolerance for bloviating, the Senate finally selected the person whom they believed to be most qualified to undertake the arduous task of note-taking during meetings.

The contentious election was followed by the introduction of the Safe Rides bill. The bill mandates that each GUSA member must complete one Thursday Safe Rides shift as either the driver or a passenger. The bill is intended to demonstrate the Senate’s commitment to safety, help form a relationship with GUPD, and most importantly, reduce the Executive Board’s laborious requirement from two shifts to one. Initially, the bill received little contention; one senator described a shift as “taxi-cab confession.” Nevertheless, GUSA did not fail to disappoint with a thorough debate over word choice.

One senate member believed the document to be insufficient in enforcing shift attendance due to lack of significant repercussions if one were to ditch. He suggested that the word “mandatory” be changed to “highly encouraged” since the bill provided no serious consequences. This proposal did not sit well with the majority of the Senate members and a vote was motioned. Seven members voted “yes” to change the wording of the bill, while 19 others voted “no,” including one “hell no.” The Senate then voted over the actual Safe Rides bill, which passed 21 to 4.

About an hour into the meeting, the members introduced the last set of bills that dealt with expansion of the intellectual life subcommittee. The new subcommittees are intended to initiate changes to campus life: such as to strengthen the presence of the arts on campus and to reduce the university’s often competitive environment.

After an enthralling meeting nearing two hours, the new implementation of the Safe Rides bill and the unanimous passing of a handful of subcommittees, a feeling of accomplishment was shared by each member. To make the meeting that much more satisfying, Chicken Madness took its rightful place among candidates to be Executive officer note-taker but once again left the floor with a bitter taste in his mouth.

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