District Digest: McAuliffe wins Virginia gubernatorial race

Terry McAuliffe- I want Virginia offshore wind power for jobsThe grass isn’t greener across the Potomac

Yesterday, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe won the hotly-contested race to become Virginia’s next governor, defeating his Republican rival, Kenneth Cuccinelli II. At midnight, with 99% of all electoral precincts reporting, McAuliffe stood victorious with almost 48 percent of the vote. Cuccinelli, who was heavily supported by Tea Party Republicans, received around 46 percent of the vote. Cuccinelli lost crucial support to the Libertarian Party’s Robert Sarvis,a rare third-party contender.

The gubernatorial campaign was colorful, to say the least, with Cuccinelli’s running mate, E. W. Jackson, providing more than his fair share of gaffes. The list is long, but some of Vox’s favorites are his denouncement of LGBTQ pride as “icky” and his classification of “gangster rap” and “satanic rock music” as “eggs of destruction.”

Cuccinelli and McAuliffe, while not that far gone, are certainly no angels themselves. Both men managed to involve themselves in monetary scandals during their political careers. As recent guest speaker Kevin Spacey said during his visit on Monday, “That’s politics, baby.”

Maybe we’re a little less progressive than we thought

The D.C. Council backtracked on a legislative proposal on Tuesday that was ratified earlier this year that would have allowed undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses indistinguishable from those offered to legal U.S. residents. Under the revised proposal, applicants who are unable to prove their residency will have their license stamped with the words “not valid for federal purposes,” in compliance with the contentious 2005 REAL ID Act.

The Post reports that the move by D.C. legislators came after Council members learned of plans to ramp up enforcement of the REAL ID Act’s strict standards for driver’s licenses. Activists in the district criticized the policy reversal, with some likening the federal disclaimer to a “scarlet letter” for undocumented immigrants.

Oh, no you didn’t!

Also on Tuesday, the D.C. Council officially weighed in on the controversy swirling around the Redskins’ name. The unimaginatively-termed “Sense of the Council to Rename the Washington National Football League Team Resolution of 2013″ urged team owner Dan Snyder to replace “Redskins” with a less offensive name, noting that the team’s current name is widely considered “racist and derogatory.”

Councilman David Grosso took an even sharper tack in remarks he gave during legislative proceedings. “[The name Redskins] is akin to saying to the Native American people that we don’t care, your pain has less worth than our football memories,” Grosso said, according to Washingtonian. Reflecting the complete impotency of the resolution, Redskins management barely acknowledged the Council’s ire.

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