Comments of the Week: Does Comments of the Week actually matter? Maybe

Last week, Vox got politically savvy with Kevin Spacey, cleared up some confusion surrounding a $390,000 diversion Georgetown made in 2010, and prepared for the first men’s basketball game of the season, which the Hoyas lost 75-82.

After Spacey’s discussion ended rather inconclusively, voxygurl pointed out that just about every Gaston Hall talk ends the same way.

I feel like this is how many talks at Georgetown end. “So, Are People Inherently Selfish? Maybe.”

“So, Do Drones Kill Innocent Victims? Maybe.”

“Should We Provide Healthcare to All Americans? Maybe.”

Academia. Just one big Maybe.

Jerry Garcia, meanwhile, was wetting his, uh, chops in anticipation for the basketball game.

“…a major hole to fill on both ends…”? Way too easy.

After Vox reviewed Georgetown’s B-rated drug policies, Matt was confused over the lack of clearly-defined rules.

Doesn’t Georgetown have an amnesty policy? It’s my understanding that if you call GERMS, they don’t report that to DPS. Vox even reported in 2009 that GWU was “jealous” of Georgetown because of its amnesty policy:

voxy does not roxy cleared up the confusion and reminded Matt that this is Georgetown, after all.

There’s an amnesty policy in practice, but it’s not written down anywhere. Typical Georgetown.

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