GUSA Roundup: To infinity and beyond, or at least, to the Law Center

GUSA roundupThe inbetween of post-midterm-pre-final days did not leave the fearless GUSA Senate sluggish. The short, productive meeting passed three bills unanimously, including one to increase GUTS service.

Senator Seamus Guerin (COL ’16) introduced the first bill of the night. He requested an addition of a Senate member to the FinApp board in light of the board’s new responsibilities. Surprisingly, there was no protest–yes, you read that correctly–against this request. In fact, Senator Benjamin Weiss (COL ’15) concurred with Guerin’s argument: “My committee has ten members, including me…I shouldn’t get three more than Seamus.” Aww, GUSA sharing toys on the playground.

The second bill of the night, the “Motion to Review Solution to Open Henle Common Room”, was introduced by Senator Andrew Walker (SFS ’16).

Walker explained the paradox: “Right across laundry room that you swipe into, there’s locked community room only RAs have key to.”

 The bill urges Hall Council and the Community Director to review the state of the Henle common room, including cleaning out storage within it and increasing accessibility to students. The motion passed unanimously, because common rooms are so just not for freshmen.

The star bill of the night was the “Resolution to Increase Accessibility to Washington D.C.,” introduced by Senator Abby McNaughton (COL ’16).

According to the bill’s language, the Senate “advocates for an extension Law Center GUTS route to include stops on Capitol Hill and the National Mall, an addition of loops on the weekend, [and] an increase in the frequency of these loops.”

The bill aims to help the large number of students who intern in downtown D.C. as well as offering all students better access to D.C. best resources, namely the Library of Congress and Smithsonian. It could be said that the bill is another advance in the ongoing battle to break the Georgetown bubble.

During the Public Comment section, Anebi Adoga (COL ’16), explained his role in the creation of the legislation. Adoga stated, “You don’t have to go to house parties to have fun.” This resonated with GUSA Senate members, a reminder that Senators are still just college students, after all.

During debate on the bill, some senators worried that the introduction of more stops would increase the duration of GUTS ride. McNaughton, however, assured that the increase would only be a few minutes.

Senator Cannon Warren (SFS ’14) presented another point worth of consideration. In regards to the GUTS bus drivers, Warren asked, “Do we really want to release [this] evil into D.C.?”

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