John DeGioia announces new initiative that will help us do…something


The University is really pushing you to RSVP to the engagement party.

President John DeGioia announced via email this morning a new initiative with the vague title “Designing the Future(s) of the University.” Vox isn’t quite up on her string theory, but she’s pretty sure you can only have one future. In any case, the goal of the initiative is to address the questions: “What do we value about Georgetown that we don’t want to lose? What do we believe we should give to our students? And what could it look like to expand the formal boundaries of education?”

“This effort will engage the whole Georgetown community in an exploration of issues facing higher education and active experimentation with new ways to deliver the education we value into the future,” DeGioia wrote. The first part of the initiative will take the form of a “candid conversation” with DeGioia and Provost Robert Groves on Nov. 20 in the Fisher Colloquium, which is apparently in Hariri. Other events will include public talks from higher education experts. Aside from that, the email neglected to give any specifics on the sort of engagement students will participate in.

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