Bolt Burgers promises good food, with a side of social isolation

bolt-burgers-newslide-11If you love hamburgers but hate people, Bolt Burgers is your new favorite restaurant. The franchise, opening at 1010 Massachusetts Ave., NW by Thanksgiving, promises a perfect burger without human interaction thanks to several high-tech systems.

Bolt Burger is full of screens: from tablets at every table, to touchscreen kiosks, to a 16-foot projected TV screen, the restaurant leaves customers in no doubt that these are burgers for the 21st century. You can even order them remotely online. Simply give your order number to a server and you’ll have your food within ten minutes, whether you’re dining in or taking out.

The restaurant has managed to automate almost everything. Customers who choose to order in the building itself can use touchscreen kiosks or, if they’re dining in, the tablets at their tables to order meals. The real masterpiece of Bolt Burgers’ technological advances is their no-flip grill, though. It can cook a six-ounce burger in three minutes flat and 1,200 burgers in an hour. Chef Troy Clayton is sure of their quality.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Clayton said, according to theĀ Washington Post. “I have the confidence that the guy at the grill will hit a button and get a perfect burger every time.”

Bolt Burgers offers beef, chicken, turkey, and veggie patties and a dizzying array of toppings. Each burger starts at $6.99, and then customers can choose from 25 options to add on. With everything from fancy cheeses (truffle pecorino, anyone?) to relishes and pancetta to pick from, the decision might take a while. Not only that, but before the burger is grilled, customers can also choose to have it dusted with one of four custom spice blends.

So, if you’re craving a hamburger but you just can’t stomach another moment of awkward small talk, head over to Bolt Burgers. It’s the perfect solution for introverts and the socially awkward.


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