This Week in the Voice: How students deal with mental health issues at Georgetown

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In this week’s feature, Julia Lloyd-George looks into how Georgetown students deal with mental health issues, ranging from depression and anxiety to OCD and autism, and whether the University provides enough support for them.

Lydia Brown (COL ’15), a disability rights activist, noted that this is a common experience for students with less prevalent disorders than depression, including mental disorders such as autism. “CAPS is not equipped to be responsive to a broad range of services,” she said. “There is a lack of welcoming reception and knowledge about many different disorders, which can be detrimental to the point of forcing some students to leave.”

Based on her own experiences and those of others she knows, Brown concludes that the treatment style of CAPS is inflexible and medicalized rather than tailored to fit the individual patient’s needs, as she believes it should be.

In News this week, the Georgetown Solidarity Committee delivered a petition to the owner of Epicurean and Co., demanding that the restaurant obey Georgetown’s Just Employment Policy.

In Leisure, I review the exhibit “Dancing the Dream” at the National Portrait Gallery, which fell short of my expectations.

Sports Editor Chris Almeida reflects on the odd and limiting basketball home game schedule, which may not offer this year’s freshmen the same opportunities and experiences he has had going to games in years past.

In Voices, Nick Troiano disagrees with last week’s editorial on The Can Kicks Back campaign, which was concerned with the campaign’s affiliation with the group Fix the Debt. He believes that is not an issue, that what the campaign is doing is more important than its weak ties to such groups.

In Editorials, the Ed Board argues that the University should try to diversify its graduate student body, which is almost three times less diverse than the undergraduate student body.

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