Council member Tommy Wells speaks at GU Dems Event

Tommy WellsOn Tuesday, Nov. 12, D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), a 2014 mayoral candidate, was invited by GU College Democrats to speak to student voters on a number of topics ranging from the decriminalization of marijuana to youth development programs.

GU Dems invited Wells to have a conversation with students on the ways he has been impacting D.C. politics and what he plans to do if he becomes mayor. GU Dems will also ask several other mayoral candidates to speak to the Georgetown community. “We are also inviting all of the D.C. mayoral candidates in order to facilitate discourse on issues that surround a number of Georgetown students and D.C. voters,” said Audrey Denis (SFS ’15).

Wells has also spoken recently at Georgetown in an event organized by Law Center Democrats, on Oct. 25, at the University Law Center’s McDonough Hall, where he kicked off his series of candidacy speeches. At the event on Tuesday, Wells also promoted his campaign. “Now I’m running for of Washington D.C., and one of the main reasons I’m running is that our city is at a crossroad,” said Wells.

Throughout the discussion Wells addressed a range of issues, including corruption in D.C. politics. “We’ve had a crisis of corruption among our elected officials. We have a thirteen member city council. Three members needed to resign for committing felonies,” said Wells, who has promised to introduce legislation that would mitigate corruption in D.C. politics. For instance, he plans on promoting a bill to end the use of contractors by candidates. Wells noted that he does not use corporate contributions to finance his campaign.

The Council member expressed his concerns for education reform and promised to consolidate charter and D.C. public schools, as well as increase overall enrollment. “I know we can do it, because I’ve done it in Ward 6,” he said. “Every elementary school in Ward 6 has a waiting list. We’re also the only jurisdiction in the country that starts children in the country at three years old for free and with no means testing.”

In addition to these issues, Wells has promised to decriminalize marijuana, pass a living wage bill, and develop a more advanced, 21st century transportation system that will better connect neighborhoods. “I have a different kind of campaign. It’s a values purpose driven campaign, and it’s not just a vision,” said Wells.

Photo: Shalina Chatlani/Georgetown Voice

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