Hoya Roundtable discusses elevating our food and student spaces


The Georgetown University Student Association facilitated a conversation on Tuesday between key University decision-makers and students on issues concerning food services and student space issues.

Pertaining to student complaints about the wait time for Elevation Burger, national managing partner Michael Berger (yes, Berger runs a burger chain) explained that since Elevation Burger serves freshly-cooked food, it takes about two and a half minutes for each burger to cook, and four to five minutes to get the whole product together.

“Bear with us. It will get better in terms of those wait times,” Matt Webber, regional capital program manager of Aramark, added.

Webber also emphasized the importance of providing students with organic and humane beef. “We set out to provide a restaurant where someone could get pretty affordable burgers and fries with the highest quality beef,” he said.

In addition, Josetta Moore, resident district manager of Georgetown Dining, discussed future plans for Leo’s, including looking into expanding Grab-and-Go, expanding meal swipe exchanges beyond the current program with Einstein Bros, and quicker meal options.

When a student asked what it would take for Elevation Burger be included in students’ meal plans, Deborah Morey, associate vice president and chief business officer of university services, said, “You have to price out a meal plan to include retail in it. We haven’t done that yet.”

“This master planning process will guide us on what student needs and wants are in a meal plan and we will financially model that. As we have had various discussions with students, we learned that students will see a value up to a certain point, and then they’re going to say ‘we no longer see value; this is too expensive.’ We’re going to get into these discussions,” she added.

Photo: Georgetown Voice

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