GUSA Roundup: A Sunday evening quickie

GUSA roundup This Sunday night’s GUSA meeting was an absolute breeze, with no legislation to pass and only the election of a new Finance and Appropriations committee member. The whole affair clocked in at 33 minutes and 50 seconds.

With the approval of FinApp Chair Seamus Geurin’s (COL ’16) zesty Saber report, the FinApp Committee has new responsibilities in the vein of improving student funding on campus. With increased workload, the committee needs an extra laborer member who will act at liaison to Campus Ministry—one of eight groups with which FinApp will engage in dialogue this coming year.

Speaker George Spyropoulos (SFS ’14) began the election process by opening the floor to nominations. Silence. With no nominations made, Spyropoulos began nominating senators himself. Senator Andrew Logerfo (COL ’14) accepted. However when asked to come to the dais and speak to his nomination, Logerfo was caught off guard: “You want me to say something? Oh, God.”

Other nominees were a scarce commodity. Multiple senators respectfully declined their nomination; one senator did not even bother with formality, replying with a forceful “No.” to her nomination.

Eventually Senators Enushe Khan (MSB ’17) and Chris Fisk Kolychkine (COL ’17) accepted nominations due to the law of peer pressure. A question period commenced lead by Guerin, who queried if any had actually read the Saber report. The freshmen had not, but Logerfo replied, “I’ve actually read most of it.” Pretty good for man who ran on Senator Cannon Warren’s (SFS ’14) ticket for GUSA president last semester.

Next the Senate moved into debate, which focused on whether a freshman who will be around for awhile or an experienced senior would do a better job. Senator Patrick Spagnuolo (SFS ’14) reminded the floor of the nominations just minutes ago: “Logerfo actually said yes. The other two we had to stare at for awhile.” Logerfo came out on top, victorious. His experience with Corp finance was the swaying factor.

The meeting ended shortly thereafter with much rejoicing and spontaneous skipping.

4 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: A Sunday evening quickie

  1. “Logerfo came out on top victorious.”

    Is that English?

  2. @voxy does not roxy

    It is decidedly English. From a linguistic standpoint, of course, it would be considered “nonstandard,” but it is altogether incorrect to refer to the phrase as coming from an entirely new language. It is also English simply because it cannot be anything else. That being said:

    Get it together, Vox. The world is watching.

  3. Let me be perfectly clear: A string of letters and spaces that only make words in the English language does not by sheer virtue of having been written thus have the inherent ability to be considered correct English syntax. Apologies for the lack of clarification, asshole.

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