Clubs elect Patrick Musgrave as new SAC Chair

SAC group photoOn Friday morning, after a re-vote was conducted following the original election on Wednesday, Patrick Musgrave (COL ’16), one-semester Student Activities Commission Commissioner and Marketing and Public Relations Director, was elected SAC Chair. He ran against Eng Gin Moe (SFS ’16), two-semester SAC Commissioner and New Club Development Coordinator.

SAC chair has the responsibilities of running SAC meetings, liaising with the University, and generally commanding SAC’s pile of about $320,000 for fiscal year 2013 that it distributes to student clubs. (45 percent is allocated in the fall and 55 percent is allocated in the spring.)

Jennifer Chiang (SFS ’15), outgoing SAC Chair, stated that SAC chairs also usually come in with a particular goal in mind. “I came in to … work on transparency (for example, we now publish all of our budgets online so that all student leaders have access to SAC’s records) and reevaluating the New Club Development process,” she wrote in an email to Vox.

Moe emphasized transparency and communication in her platform and Musgrave focused on streamlining approval and training processes for clubs. Each of the 109 student organizations under SAC had one vote in the election, which was run by the Georgetown University Student Association’s Election Commission by request of SAC.

According to Chiang, the original election required a recount due to a narrow difference and “ambiguous” votes, which included multiple votes from clubs due to confusion over which club member was responsible for the vote. The revote concluded Friday morning at 2 a.m. and declared Musgrave the winner. The final margin was 14 votes. 78 clubs voted in the final count, according to GUSA Election Commissioner Ethan Chess (COL  ’14).

Musgrave will serve spring and fall 2014. “It was a great feeling to get the win after a very stressful campaign,” he wrote in an email to Vox. He added that his immediate goal was to familiarize himself with all the Commissioners.

Moe will continue to serve on the commission. “I am sure that Patrick will be a great Chair,” she wrote in an email to Vox.

Additional reporting by Shalina Chatlani

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Chiang

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