This Week in the Voice: It’s high time we legalize ganja

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.17.56 AMIn this week’s feature, Connor Jones investigates efforts to legalize marijuana in the District, focusing on the social justice benefits of such a step and highlighting the lack of leadership from the millennials.

Even though support for legalization has ballooned in recent years, anti-drug taboo remains strong. This obstacle, in addition to the tall legal hurdles the measure faces, poses a challenge for advocates of legalization. Offered as a way to help remedy the racial discrepancies in enforcement of drug laws, the proposed law is so far struggling to gain traction among young, predominantly white residents of the city, whom the drug war seldom reaches.

Despite the obstacles and potential pitfalls, marijuana activists remain confident that they can change the law. With other states eyeing legalization in 2014, D.C. could both provide a symbolic victory to pro-marijuana activists and serve as a model for how the rest of the country should proceed. “It’s a serious change, and it’s such a serious change that it could actually be a flipping point switch for the whole country,” Eidinger said.

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  1. I guess now we know what the gays of georgetown burn to produce the smoke of satan

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