Concert Preview: Will Eastman at U Street Music Hall

Will Eastman at 9:30 ClubWhat better way to celebrate your birthday than by throwing a party? That’s the idea behind club-owner, producer, and DJ Will Eastman‘s Saturday night performance at his very own U Street Music Hall. Consider yourself invited.

Eastman has been a staple in the DC electronic music scene over the past decade, DJing events throughout the city with his seamless blend of house, techno, and left-field surprises. As co-owner of U Street Music Hall, he helps curate at what RollingStone recently named the #10 dance club in America.

Eastman is also part of a team of DJs behind  Blisspop, a DC-based electronic music blog and event crew who have taken it upon themselves to throw parties and keep the District dancing. Active since 2000, this crew served as a catalyst behind Washington’s recent resurgence of local house music centered around U Street Music Hall.

As you can probably from Blisspop’s name, Eastman is in the business of peddling euphoric and blissed-out sounds to eager club-goers. Combining his original productions with those of other DC natives, as well as highlighting some heretofore unknown artists, Eastman knows how to get a room moving.

As an added bonus, Urban Artistry will be hosting a dance competition at the concert, the winner of which will receive $200. Vox hopes to see some Georgetown students bust some moves and take home the gold.

If you’re over 21, this birthday party is free before midnight, but for the 18-20 crowd you’ll need to shell out $10 along with your RSVP.

Photo: Bao Nguyen via Flickr

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