Georgetown announces new chief of human resources for 2014

new CHRO Brenda MaloneGeorgetown announced last week that it will be welcoming an new member to the administration at the start of 2014. Brenda Richardson Malone, who served as University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s chief human resources officer since 2007, will soon become Georgetown’s CHRO. Prior to her time at UNC, she was vice-chancellor for faculty and staff relations at the City University of New York.

Malone has spent more than 30 years of her professional career working in human resources and labor relations. She has demonstrated a commitment to social justice through her previous service on charitable boards, councils, and campaigns, including Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, the CUNY Campaign for Voluntary Charitable Giving, and Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares, UNC’s campus-wide charitable giving campaign. This past semester, she also served as the interim director of the Equal Opportunity/Americans with Disabilities Act Office, which houses the department that handles sexual assault for UNC.

As the new chief officer for human resources, Malone will be responsible for overseeing the recruiting and staffing process at the university as well as compensation, professional development, human resources reporting, and policy communication. Previously as the CHRO for UNC, she oversaw a substantial transformation in their delivery of human resources on campus to better support the faculty of the university.

Malone’s main goal is to continue Georgetown’s reputation for academic excellence, innovative programs, and distinguished faculty. “I believe we can build on the great work that’s been done and continue to enhance the value of human resources at the university,” she said on the University website.

Photo: Georgetown University News

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