I knew you were trouble


Listen. I don’t know if you know how comfortable you can get on that couch in UG, but my main achievement running Vox has been discovering the beauty of that particular napping spot. (A chair by the GUSA office in Sellinger will work in a pinch.)

A couple other things have happened since I was elected earlier this year, including adding to the swag of the Frank McCourt tag (which was already pretty swagalicious). President Jack DeGioia brought vague back into vogue, and we welcomed a new memberto the Georgetown community. Oh, and some insignificant housing stuff was sprinkled in there.

While I edited the bulk of the posts, I have to give credit where it’s due: my incredible assistant editors Isabel, Ryan, Minali, and Laura. I also had a great team of staff writers and photographers who were willing to undergo the most terrifying trials to report the news. Thanks for doing all this work with as much grace and aplomb as the Voice could afford to reimburse you for this semester.

I’ll be returning to the print side as managing editor next semester, but be sure to check in with me on the couch. Mostly to make sure I’m still breathing.

Photo: Lucia He/Georgetown Voice

3 Comments on “I knew you were trouble

  1. :'( at least i was there to keep you company when you napped in UG. love you teebs.

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