Homelessness on the rise in D.C. while nation sees decrease

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development revealed some bad news for D.C. when it published the 2013 Annual Assessment Report to Congress on Friday. Although the rest of the nation has seen steady decreases in the number of homeless people since 2007, the District has seen a steady rise. There are currently 1,545 more homeless people in D.C. than there were in 2007, a 29 percent increase.

Compared to the rest of the national average, D.C.’s results seem grim. On the national level, homelessness decreased by a total of 9 percent, or 61,846 people. However, D.C. saw only the fourth largest increase, behind Missouri, Massachusetts, and New York. The difference in population sizes makes these increases difficult to compare. New York’s homeless population increased by 23 percent (14,829), in contrast to D.C.’s 1,454.

While there are 1,868 children under the age of 18 homeless in D.C., none of them are without shelter according to the report. They are all either in emergency shelters or transitional housing. Of the 6,865 homeless people in D.C., all but 512 are either in emergency shelters or transitional housing. Eighteen of those without any shelter are between 18 and 24. The other 494 people who are unsheltered are above the age of 24.

While D.C.’s performance is subpar when compared to the national average, the District is still by far less depressing than it could be.

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One Comment on “Homelessness on the rise in D.C. while nation sees decrease

  1. The number of homeless people in the District is certainly higher than before the recession set in. But we are not seeing “a steady rise.” The number counted in 2013 was slightly lower than in 2012. Numbers also dropped for subpopulations for which comparative figures are available. See, http://bit.ly/10quOYn

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