From the Print Edition: Black House organizes Twitter and Facebook protest

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Update 4:11 pm: #BBGU is now trending nationally on Twitter.

Original Post: Black House residents are hosting an online Twitter and Facebook protest, denoted through the tag #BBGU, which stands for “Being Black at Georgetown University,” today.

The protest officially began at 11 a.m., though many have been tweeting since before that, and is scheduled to last until 11 p.m. Organizers of the event hope to address on-campus issues such as racial bias and profiling, the lack of funding for black student groups, and the lack of faculty and administrators of color. The protest was inspired by the University of Michigan’s viral campaign, which gained over 10,000 tweets with #BBUM and publicized concerns over insufficient racial diversity in the wake of Michigan’s statewide ban on affirmative action.

“Black students here and black students at the University of Michigan are attending a predominantly white institution with similar issues and concerns. We want to… join the University of Michigan in solidarity,” said Aya Waller-Bey (COL ‘14), organizer of the campaign and president of Black House.

Follow the jump to see some of the tweets that began pouring onto Twitter feeds this morning.

Many took note of racism present at Georgetown, even in the classroom.

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Many also expressed many positive sentiments about race and diversity at Georgetown.

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And some reflected on race in a more personal manner.

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And the trend seems to be spreading to other schools as well.

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As the update above indicates, #BBGU is trending nationally on Twitter.

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