Photo Caption Contest: Caption Metro’s sexist subway ad

Sexist adAside from unreliable service and nonexistent weekend travel options, Metro is now loathed for its shiny, new, sexist ad that it’s running on buses. Part of the Metro Forward campaign, which started in 2011 to inform commuters about Metro’s improvement plan, the ad features two women casually smiling away and chatting it up. Unfortunately for Metro, it’s clear to many that the ad draws a little too heavily on gender stereotypes.

“A Metrobus travels about 8,260 miles between breakdowns. Didn’t know that, did you?”  one woman asks the other. “Can’t we just talk about shoes?” her friend responds. Yikes.

But Vox can understand where Metro got confused, because obviously women only discuss silly things like shoes and shopping in between wiping down kitchen counters or getting their bosses coffee.

Vox isn’t entirely up in internet arms about Metro’s dumb mistake, but some of you loyal readers might be. In the spirit of DCist‘s inclusion of captioned tweets making fun of the ad, Vox is holding a photo caption contest of the ad. Leave your captioned, photo-shopped, or blingeed version of the photo in a link in the comments section of this post and Vox will announce winners. That’s assuming that more than like five people bother to participate, but whatever.

Photo: Lucy Westcott via Twitter

(h/t DCist)

6 Comments on “Photo Caption Contest: Caption Metro’s sexist subway ad

  1. Would it be sexist if it showed two guys and the second caption said “sports” or “the Redskins” instead of “shoes”? This does not worry me very much and I think the language in this article only reinforces the increasingly common problem of overemphasis on political correctness which forces (allows?) individuals to argue over semantics rather than offering and enacting real solutions to big problems.

  2. You’re misguided in your notion of political correctness. While yes, correcting a misguided joke in everyday language would be extreme, the fact that a governmental organization is using negative stereotypes to advertise itself is appalling. Yes, if it said sports, that would also be sexist. And if it were a racial stereotype it would also be offensive.

    Sexism, racism, classism, etc. simply does not belong on a subway advertisement for a governmental organization. You want to make real solutions to big problems? Go make a caption for the photo and post the link here. Cus that’s all we can do to fight the sexism in this instance, and it’s all the little battles that matter. They add up to one big one.

  3. I get it. But I would think that an article that talks about “wiping down kitchen counters or getting their bosses coffee” (even if meant to be snarky) over-sensationalizes the supposed subtext of the ad in an attempt to promote this competition. (Note: by bringing up the metro unreliability and then talking about sexism and this caption contest, it seems like this metro ad (minus the gut-wrenching sexism that some might see depicted in it) is pretty spot on.)

  4. “bitch, u kno dat buses run liek 4032 miles before they brake down?”

    “cant u just lick my pussy”

  5. When I first saw the shoes ad I assumed that the characters were high-level executives in Nike or Adidas or some other shoe company. And so I thought the ad was racist, implying that Black people can’t focus on their jobs and Asians are work-focused and can’t enjoy any casual small talk/hate black people. Now I see it’s actually sexist. Also doubly sexist because the characters aren’t high level executives at all!

    Thanks for clearing it up Vox! I’m very grateful to know what I’m angry about.

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