GUPD ups neighborhood presence during study days

Re-Post: MPD 3rd District CarsGeorgetown University announced that a neighborhood crackdown will take place beginning this past weekend until the first final day on December 11, finding yet another way to make studying for finals more painful for students. The University has increased the number of GUPD and “private security officer” patrols, according to Patch.

The University reminded neighbors that they can use the GU Community Hotline at any time of day that they may need a loud group of students to stop their nonsense.

Twenty-four-hour quiet hours also began at 9 p.m. on Friday night, but if the number of parties going on in Henle that night is anything to go by, no one cares about Friday night quiet hours anyway. GUPD can patrol the neighborhood all they want during the weekend before finals, but Vox knows that, unless they’re already locked down in Lau, most students aren’t worried about tests quite yet.

Photo: Rob via Flickr

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