Winter is coming: More than five inches could fall tomorrow

Update 2:45 pm Tuesday: Vox is sorely disappointed in the lack of snow and the amount that has melted away, as this is not even close to five inches.

Update 11:55 am Tuesday: GUTS Bus services will not continue throughout the day: the last bus to the Law Center will leave at 2:00, 2:20 for all other routes, according to a HOYAlert message.

Update 9:53 am Tuesday: It’s just like that old gypsy woman said! There is a fresh coat of snow on the ground. At 5:26 a.m., a HOYAlert message informed students that the main campus, as well as the Medical and SCS are closed. According to the Patch, the Federal government, city government, and District of Columbia Public schools are closed as well. If we had classes they would have been cancelled, but unfortunately studying can still continue.

Original post: Winter is coming, my friends. Your walk to Lau tomorrow for some last-minute cramming will likely be made more painful with yet another snowstorm. The National Weather Service issued a new Winter Storm Watch for the entire region early this afternoon.

The watch is in effect from this evening through Tuesday afternoon, predicting more than five inches to fall beginning around dawn, according to the Patch.

The storm is predicted to begin with sleet this evening. In the morning, snow could fall at an inch or two an hour for two to four hours.

Yesterday’s storm left thousands in the District without power in addition to some school closures and car accidents. No homes in Georgetown are currently affected by the outages.

Vox reached out to the University to see if this snowstorm could affect its operations in any way (more like find out if finals could possibly be delayed). “We are monitoring the weather closely and will work to minimize impacts on students by trying to keep libraries and other study spaces open if the university’s operating status changes,” said Rachel Pugh, director of media relations.

Vox will update the post as any more information becomes available. Until then, she will be resisting the urge to play in the fresh, fluffy snow and instead get some studying done.

Photo: Georgetown University via Flickr

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