WMATA reveals plans for Georgetown Metro stop

On December 5, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority laid out many specific details, including a shiny, new map, of its $26 billion expansion and service update. In addition to a new loop of the Yellow and Blue Lines, the plan includes a Metro stop in Georgetown. The infamous Georgetown bubble is about to burst, well, maybe not for a few decades.

Metro’s big expansion was announced in January as part of the 2040 Regional Transit System Plan. The plan is designed to deal with a growing and more commuter-oriented District. The new Yellow and Blue Line loop in the downtown area will add eight to 10 new stations and there will also be a third Metro line in Virginia, as well as a second Potomac crossing to Rosslyn.

The new stop has the full support of Georgetown’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, which passed a resolution in favor of Metro’s plan on December 2. At that meeting, Chairman Ron Lewis commented that this is a good chance to undo the urban myth that stodgy Georgetowners rejected a Metro stop out of fear of bringing the city’s commoners into the wonderful, historical neighborhood. In reality, it was a lack of commuters and issues with local businesses that convinced Metro not to build there.

Of course, Vox advises not getting too happy about it. The plan is for the stop to be ready by 2040 and, knowing Metro, it might take much longer than that and go way over budget.

Current students can rest easy, however, knowing that, in 25 years, they can show their children their old college neighborhood, complete with all the accessibility of a Metro stop.

Photo: Washington Metropolitan Are Transit Authority

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  1. 2040??? seriously? people are thinking about teleportation by then!

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