D.C. Public School principals graduate from MSB program

Last Saturday, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business graduated 25 District of Columbia Public School principals from the Executive Leadership Program. After a year of studying in the program, the first class of principals have received their Executive Master’s in Leadership degrees and are ready to return to aid the troubled DCPS.

DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson (SFS ’92, G ’07) initiated the program in Jan. 2013 as a way to improve leadership in the school system. The course taught an array of leadership skills, including motivational speaking, engaging in difficult conversations, managing stakeholder relationships, dealing with uncertainty, and others central to adept leadership. Classes were taught every other weekend since the course began and were held in Hariri or other neighborhood institutions, according to InTheCapital.

“The school is really the unit of change,” Henderson said last January. “We need absolutely fantastic educators in front of every single classroom, but great educators won’t come and wont stay and won’t do their best unless there are great leaders in a school creating an environment for that to happen.”

According to InTheCapital, “principals have learned to: ‘identify the roles of passion and purpose as central to leadership to achieve success; understand the practical skills to meet leadership challenges; effectively deal with uncertainty; improve motivational speaker skills; successfully engage in difficult conversations; understand and manage stakeholder relationships and build trust and credibility as a leader.'”

Vox hopes the principals’ new interpersonal and leadership skills will help them face a school system with dwindling enrollment rates and rampant school closures.

Photo: Miles Gavin Meng/Georgetown Voice

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