Study Playlist: Voxy beats for your intellectual feats

Vox understands how stressful finals week can be. It’s often difficult to concentrate on exams or papers when winter break is just within our eager grasp. Christmas time is fast approaching; however, so are our deadlines, and this reality can be rather stressful.

Alas! Do not fear- we have your best interests in mind.

Studies have shown that listening to music while working can actually increase productivity. Melodious sounds release dopamine in the brain; the same result occurs when eating a scrumptious dessert, looking at pretty flower, or smelling some kind of delicious food. The chemical release can help the individual de-stress and better focus his/her attentions on the task at hand. 

At the very least, plugging in headphones and listening to relaxing music can block out distracting noises, especially in loud locations (ahem, Lau 2). So, take a study break, or even take a break from being unfocused, and listen to Vox‘s playlist with some of the songs from the Voice‘s “Best of 2013″ feature.

2 Comments on “Study Playlist: Voxy beats for your intellectual feats

  1. I loved this playlist. I believe that this one will be helpful for many students when their only friends are pen and sheet.
    Anyway, I’d like to share a website with playlists for studying. It’s and it’s awesome because whatever your music preferences are you will find a plenty of awesome vibelists there.

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