Three-generation alumnus backs out of managing future New South Student Center pub

Fritz Brogan (COL ’07, LAW ‘10), who the University and GUSA announced in April would manage the pub that is planned for the New South Student Center opening in fall 2014, has withdrawn from this agreement, citing an inability to reach a financial agreement with the University.

“The University and my company were unable to reach a financial agreement that satisfied our substantial investment of financial and other resources into the project,” Brogan wrote in an email to Vox.

Brogan, owner of Mason Inn in Glover Park and George in Georgetown, was originally selected by the University from a list of 19 candidates. The university cited his involvement as a student and connection as an alumnus with the University as reasons for their choice. In fact, the Voice featured Brogan in an article in 2007 dubbing the double-alumnus as the ultimate Joe Hoya.

“As a lifelong Hoya, I can’t imagine anything more exciting than partnering with my alma mater to work with students on creating this new Georgetown tradition,” Brogan originally stated in a Georgetown press release.

Likewise, Deborah Morey, chief business officer for university services, praised Brogan as an alumnus who had been an “incredibly involved student” and stated that “we couldn’t have asked for a better partner” in April to Vox.

Yet, Brogan has faced multiple instances of controversy. In August, a Georgetown alumnus challenged Brogan to apologize for previous anti-homosexual statements in an opinion piece in The Hoya.

According to Morey, after multiple months of work together, Brogan “informed us several weeks ago that this model is not one he wants to pursue after all.”

The new vendor will have to continue to fulfill the terms of a letter of understanding signed between GUSA and the University in February. Under the agreement, the pub is required to serve beer, wine, and liquor on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and have 18+ nights or a system of wristbands or some other mark for underage students. The vendor is also required to hire undergraduates as part-time workers.

According to Morey, Joelle Wiese, associate vice president for auxiliary business services, has convened a group of students which has already had an initial meeting and will “aggressively” search for another vendor.

Logistics such as décor, hours of operation, menu offerings, and the system of checking underage students which were negotiated with Brogan will have to be discussed again with a new vendor. Morey did not comment on whether the pub’s opening would be delayed and Wiese did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

Photo: Courtesy of Joe Tattoni/ikon.5 Architects

3 Comments on “Three-generation alumnus backs out of managing future New South Student Center pub

  1. I’m so offended that Fritz Brogan is anti-gay. It just hurts me that we’re going to be paying money to a BIGOT. We should make sure all of our vendors share values of diversity.

    Who’s up for an inquisition? Anyone? Anyone?

  2. @Claire Zeng

    Being outed on Vox is horrifying. I, for one, wouldn’t know what I would do if everyone who reads this blog knew exactly who I was.

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