GUGS gets (char)coal for Christmas, but it wasn’t being naughty

The Georgetown University Grilling Society was just awarded a year’s supply of charcoal and gift cards to Walmart.

Vox¬†is thinking: yay more burgers! But wait… why? Nothing’s free (‘specially at Georgetown).

Well, the reason why is a bit complicated and slightly random. Kingsford Charcoal partnered with a social media marketing company, Marketwired, to hold a Twitter giveaway. The winner, the company decided, would be the “nicest place in social media for the 2013 calendar year,” according to NBC 26.

They decided the winner by analyzing which area tweeted the words “please,” “thank you,” and “thanks.” And that place was Washington, D.C., which, considering its reputation, might be a bit unexpected. Apparently District residents are much better at being nice when it’s not in person.

GUGS was then chosen to receive the “nicest city” award for Washington, D.C.

“Kingsford knows that nothing brings people together like grilling,” said Drew McGowan, Kingsford Charcoal representative. “GUGS embodies that sentiment.”

GUGS is certainly excited. “As some GUGS members have said, ‘It’s a Christmas miracle!’ and that they never thought they’d be so happy to receive coal for Christmas,” said Ellen Grein (MSB ’14), GUGS president.

Grein said the donation will help allocate money to upgrade some of their supplies, such as grills, in addition to being in a better position to serve other student organizations and charities.

“The majority of GUGS events are for other student organizations here on campus and support various charities, by being awarded this charcoal, our expenses will be reduced and we will be able to allocate more proceeds to these charitable organizations,” said Grein.

Vox was hoping for some free burgers, but if that’s going to charities she can’t really complain.

Photo: Georgetown Voice

3 Comments on “GUGS gets (char)coal for Christmas, but it wasn’t being naughty

  1. I really have to congratulate you on your excellent use of links

  2. All the Thank You’s must have come from all the “Thanks Obama” statuses during the shutdown

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