#BAGU adds to recent online conversations on diversity at Georgetown

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 3.58.05 AMThe next Twitter protest is officially here. BAGU, Being Asian and Pacific American at Georgetown, hopes to follow in the footsteps of #BBGU and #BLGU to add to the ongoing dialogue about race/ethnicity and diversity at Georgetown. It is set to begin at 11 a.m. and last until 11 p.m.

One of the organizers of the #BAGU protest,¬†Anthony Do (NHS ’15), said he was inspired by those protest and also #BBUM (Being Black at the University of Michigan), which started the movement.

“I was inspired by the dialogue that I saw from the previous two protests and I thought it would be interesting for people to see the [Asian Pacific American] side of it all, especially since we are often termed the ‘model minority’ and our struggles are often overlooked,” said Do.

Do said these struggles involve the stereotype of Asian Americans as a “model minority,” in addition to daily micro-aggressions. The Facebook event pages specifically states that the issues this protest hopes to address are: “the small amount of faculty and administrators of color, and the lack of course offerings in Race, Ethnic, and Cultural Studies; the limited resources for student programs such as Hoya Saxa Weekend, Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies, and other [Center for Multicultural Equity & Access]¬†programs; and the level of institutional support for minority students.”

Do believes all minority student groups, not just racial/ethnic groups, need more funding and support from the University.

The protest, which comes on the heels of a trending Twitter hashtag called #NotYourAsianSidekick, also hopes to create a sense of solidarity with other minority students at Georgetown and at other schools as well.

Do said that he hopes students will also focus on the positive aspects of being a minority at Georgetown. “Though we believe that Georgetown has more work to do, we cannot neglect the fact that we have come a long way,” he said.

Check out live tweets from the event after the jump.

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