Comments of the Week: We could all use a little more snow and sandwiches

Keeping with the spirit of season, last week Vox reported on not so naughty GUGS and its highly prized gift of coal, found out that two Hoya faculty will probably not be making the nice list this year, and kept you updated on the crazy blizzard that passed through the District.

In response to the “Starry Night over Georgetown” artwork that has been chalked up in Red Square, aptly self-titled Fucking great seemed too concerned over the the lack of space to hang more all-important GUSA flyers.

do you know how much harder this makes flyering…

Luckily, trusty voxy does not roxy came to the rescue to instill some sense in our well-intentioned commentator–and give us all some important advice.

Sit down, shut up, and appreciate the pretty art.

Speaking of GUSA, Chicken Madness reminded us that the pesky politics within the bureaucracy of Georgetown’s student government can easily be avoided if we place all our faith in food instead of humans.

Thanks! Remember, folks, I am a tasty sandwich who won’t let you down. That’s more than the other candidates will be able to promise. I don’t need to “fix Leo’s.” I am already everything Leo’s never could be.

Finally, in an enthusiastic reply to the weather update on the highly anticipated D.C. snowfall, Nyooz verbalized the general sentiment of the student population during those few glorious hours of powdery whiteness on Healy Lawn.




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