Vox will join in on the winter fun, no posting until after break

Vox will be taking a break from blogging (gasp!). Yes, it’s true. Vox, likely to your surprise, actually does enjoy time off from the wondrous magic that is campus news.

So for the next few weeks (until Jan. 8 to be exact), Vox will not be posting. Vox knows this is perhaps the worst news since Miley’s vanishing eyebrows, but she also believes you can survive these next few terrible weeks.

But who knows, maybe you’ll see Vox in the next few days. Perhaps a University administrator will be involved in some absurd scandal, like trying to use three ancient dragons to reclaim the a certain position of power, or something a little more realistic. Vox would resurface from the dark corners of her bedroom to report on any such extreme cases.

But as interesting as any scandal would be, Vox is really looking forward to this break, especially after finals week.

So, readers of Vox Populi, enjoy your winter breaks. May they be scandal-free and relaxing.

Photo: Kenneth Spencer via Flickr

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