Vox is back, baby!

Like the legend of the phoenix (aah-aah)Vox is back!

Let’s face some facts. Vox hasn’t known it was beautiful in a long time. No amount of leaping English-Irish boy-men could’ve changed that. But when 2014 came knocking, just a few short days ago, Vox woke with a wicked hangover and, more importantly, a resolution: time to drop a few pounds, delete a cache or two, and turn over a new leaf. Change came piecemeal at first—Vox is as stubborn as they come—but, unlike a certain electoral promise, it prevailed. And so, without further ado, the staff of the Georgetown Voice is proud to present Vox’s new groove!

Faithful readers, fear not! Our signature, playfully-edgy stepping-on-the-Seal header will soon return, after a forthcoming photo-shoot. For now, our new mascot, John B. Carroll, will just have to do. In the meantime, please enjoy our new site, and feel free to leave us any feedback via our contact form.

Editor’s Note: Noah is too humble to admit that he is the grand architect of Vox‘s new design. Please direct all praise his direction. (Direct all complaints here.)

4 Comments on “Vox is back, baby!

  1. I prefer the old design. Looking at it built character.


  2. vox is too sexy for its shirt
    too sexy for its shirt
    so sexy it hurts

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