Record store to open in Georgetown, local hipsters shrug in approval

Georgetown – for years the stomping grounds of well-off, well-dressed, and well-insured yuppies – serves it audience well. A nice selection of frozen yogurt shops, boutiques with price tags starting at three digits, and an array of uppity eateries line the hallowed streets of Historical Georgetown. This February, the Georgetown shopping district will be breached by a foreign retailer: a record store.

Located on 1054 31st St. NW, the store has been christened Hill & Dale – not to be confused with Vegas’s popular ladies’ entertainment show. Rather than over-muscled and over-tanned men, Hill & Dale will purvey vinyl, silkscreen posters, and photography.

Store owner Rob Norton is new to the business. Retired from the pharmaceutical industry, Norton told Washington City Paper that his venture is a dream of his: “[It is] a pretty big career change, but it’s sort of a culmination of a lifelong dream of opening up a store that’s focused on music.”

The clash of a record store in Georgetown was not missed by Norton: “I hadn’t been thinking about Georgetown, honestly.” The price, however, was (astonishingly) right, and so a deal was struck.

For all you vinyl connoisseurs, Norton plans on offering a wide range of genres including: from jazz and rock to experimental and indie.

The store will hopefully attract much traffic, including District hipsters – a rare but growing phenomenon in the nation’s capital. The scent of musty vinyl should bring them out in droves, scarf-clad and boot-laced. Georgetown residents should prepare themselves for judging stares through stylish glasses.

But really, who wouldn’t stare at the spectacle that is the Historic Georgetown District?

The store is slated to open early February. Look out for the grand opening the first weekend in February.

h/t WCP Arts Desk

Photo: Fensterbme via Flickr

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