Canal freezes over enough for ice skating

The recent bout of nasty, cold weather, which nearly brought temperatures in the District to 0 degrees, froze the C&O Canal down by the waterfront. The ice held long enough for people to go ice skating on it.

Skating on the canal is perfectly legal, but asĀ Patch pointed out, the Parks Service tells visitors to do so at their own risk.

Residents have skated on the canal in years past, but being able to do so requires nearly a week of below-freezing temperatures. Thanks to the polar vortex, this week gave Georgetown its chance.

The first person to take the fateful first steps onto the ice was reporterĀ Alex Brown, who cataloged his experience with a couple videos: one showing his failed attempt when the ice almost cracked, and one showing him (basically) skating.

Sure, it’s dangerous and dirty, and yes there may not be a lot of room to skate down on the canal. But there’s fun in the danger, and it sure is cheaper than shelling out 20 plus bucks to skate on that tiny rink down by the Waterfront.

Editor’s note: Vox does not recommend skating on the ice. Readers can do so at their own risk (then send Vox some photos!)

Photo: bwillis via Flickr

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