Comments of the Week: Vox brings sexy back

After a relaxing Christmas break, Vox returned with a fresh look and covered the new record store that will open in early February, adjunct professor Michael Scheuer‘s suggestion that Obama be assassinated, and some Hoya travel woes during the “polar vortex.”

On the first Vox Pupuli of the semester, Burma schooled Pupuli expert Caitriona Pagni on the spelling of Bernese Mountain dog.

Bernese* Mountain Dog, common mistake

After the Hoyas lost to Providence for the first time since 2005, teachmetobasketball let out some frustration.

Guys… defuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuq

Michael Scheuer himself commented on Vox‘s post with yet another reason why the nation must rise up and assassinate her tyrannical leader.

Did any of you “journalists” read what I wrote? Or do you just favor the liberty-killing and national-security wrecking tyranny Obama is introducing?


Although Vox is quite happy about the new design, Jerry Garcia reminds us not to forget the old, 2005-ish looking blerg. Never forget.

I prefer the old design. Looking at it built character.


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  1. Thank you so much! Your blog is great and I think you are a great woman, too.
    Many Many Thanks!

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