In gracious move, Office of Residential Living adjusts weekday quiet hours

Beginning this semester, the Office of Residential Living has momentously shifted the beginning of weekday quiet hours by a whopping one hour later. From Sunday to Thursdays, quiet hours are now from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. Quiet hours on Friday and Saturday nights remain unchanged and still begin at midnight.

Director of Residential Education Ed Gilhool said that university administrators recognized that the previous structure of quiet hours seemed ill-fitting to residents. “We had heard pretty clearly from students that many are just getting home from class around nine o’ clock,” he said. “It feels too early from a community-building standpoint.”

The quiet hours help maintain a delicate balance in the residence hall’s dual roles as a place to study and a place to socialize. “Ten doesn’t seem like a substantial shift,” he said. “We respect the need to study and sleep as well as allowing for some of the social pieces to be at play. Hopefully an hour makes a difference in some of the community development pieces that a student experiences overall.”

Unlike most other plans that happen on campus, the Office of Residential Living’s proposal to change quiet hours was implemented relatively quickly. The Interhall Council gave its unanimous blessing after hearing the proposal, and the change was made.

Vox asked Gilhool why people should care about the change at all, or even about quiet hours.

“I would say quiet hours have a very real place in our community,” he said. “We take stock and also hear feedback about the impact of noise, especially in the late hour evenings, that can impact sleep and study.”

Photo: Kirill Makarenko/Georgetown Voice

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