Vox gets into treble: Garage Rock to play in your garage-less dorm

Dear professional music lovers everywhere,

Vox understands how difficult it can be to keep up with all the fresh and hip artists. And because you all hold a very special place in her heart, Vox is introducing a new series, called “Vox gets into treble,” to satisfy your wonderfully quirky tastes and need for puns. Welcome to the first of many playlists that will  feature new and happening artists within certain genres of music.

This week’s playlist includes a number of great up and coming garage rock bands that will deliver your daily dose of gut-deflating guitar riffs and pedal distortion.

Follow the jump for a list of the songs and bands found in this playlist.

1. Bass Drum of Death– Get Found

2. The Raconteurs– Steady, As She Goes

3. Jeff the Brotherhood– Sixpack

4. Hanni El Khatib– You Rascal You

5. Eagles of Death Metal– I Only Want You

6. Mind Spiders– Inside You

7. FIDLAR– No Waves

8. Wavves– Sail to The Sun

9. Dead Gaze– Rowdy Jungle

10. Young Buffalo– Catapilah

Photo: Bekah Cope via Flickr

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