Georgetown Global Social Enterprise Initiative receives $100,000 from Case Foundation to fuel impact investing

The Case Foundation announced today a $100,000 grant to the Global Social Enterprise Initiative at the McDonough School of Business. The grant seeks to fuel impact investing, a form of socially responsible and socially beneficial investment, in the United States.

“Georgetown, and the team at the Global Social Enterprise Initiative, have a deep understanding of the significant opportunity represented in new companies that are focused on solving some of the world’s biggest challenges,” said Jean Case, the current CEO of the Case Foundation. “As we look for opportunities to accelerate the growth of impact investing, GSEI is a perfect partner to help us develop a policy agenda that will help grow the space.”

The GSEI program in conjunction with the Case Foundation will also seek to collaborate with the U.S. National Advisory Board to the Social Impact Investing Task Force. SIITF is a policy advisory group based in the UK and was created by Prime Minister David Cameron at the G8 Summit of June 2013. SIITF and the National Advisory Board, now with the cooperation of GSEI and the Case Foundation, will attempt to establish a clear impact investing policy in the United States.

Jean Case, the current CEO of the Case Foundation, is also serving as an Executive-in-Residence at Georgetown during the 2013-2014 school year.

As an Executive-in-Residence, Jean Case helps students and faculty learn from real-world practitioners in the field of social enterprise. The program itself is run through the GSEI in the MSB, and was established in the fall of 2012. The executives of this program conduct guest lectures and hold office hours to meet with students.

“Jean Case and the Case Foundation have long been leaders in applying business principles to social innovation,” said Ladan Manteghi, executive director of the Global Social Enterprise Initiative. “Our students and faculty already have benefited tremendously from Jean’s perspectives and insights, and we are thrilled to build a deeper engagement with the Case Foundation and the broader coalition looking to move the impact investing industry into the mainstream.”

The Case Foundation was founded in 1997 by Steve Case, former co-founder of AOL, and his wife Jean Case. The group emphasizes “[investing] in individuals, nonprofits, and social enterprises aiming to connect people, increase giving, and catalyze civic action.”

Currently, other grantees of the Case Foundation work on a variety of projects such as: providing clean drinking water to rural African populations, searching for a cure for brain cancer, creating programs for children and youth, encouraging interfaith cooperation and dialogue, and more.

Jean Case presently serves as a member of the National Advisory Board and participates in government engagement and communication efforts.

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