The cuteness continues: Little Bao Bao makes her big zoo debut

This past Saturday, Vox’s favorite panda cub made her first official public appearance to her doting fans at the National Zoo.

As excited as the expected 10,000 visitors must have been to catch a glimpse of the 18-pound cutie, Bao Bao was apparently unimpressed with the scene and spent most of the time snoozing. This should not come as a surprise considering baby pandas typically sleep up to 20 hours a day (similar to a college student over winter break).

Over the three-day weekend, the Panda House opened at 8 a.m. with visitors lining up far earlier in advance, and about 60-80 people were admitted at 10 minute intervals throughout the day. Although the panda exhibit is now open to the public daily from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., according to the National Zoo, Bao Bao and mama Mei Xiang and may not always be visible during that time. However, visitors will still have access to the den where the baby panda has spent much of the past few months and can poke around in there as well as actual exhibit.

If you want to get your fill of cuddly cuteness, make sure to do so before Bao Bao turns four and is moved across the ocean to live at the Conservation and Research Center in Wolong, China.

But have no fear—for those of you that are too lazy and cold to make the trek over to the zoo, you can always observe baby Bao Bao at play (or mostly likely, asleep) on the panda cam from the comfort of your dorm room or Econ lecture.

Video: Reuters via Youtube

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