Georgetown celebrates 225 years since founding

Today marks Georgetown’s 225 “birthday,” since University founder John Carroll, S.J. received the deed for the school’s first acres on Jan. 23, 1789. Vox thinks the University looks just as good now, at 225 years young, as she did when she was founded.

To mark the all these years years of rad fun on the Hilltop, the University offered a wide array of celebratory events today.

Leo’s held a special lunch and Georgetown birthday cake was served in the Leavey Center.

This evening, Red Square will have “ice” skating from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., and the Philodemic Society will debate the resolution “Resolved: The Georgetown bachelor’s degree is for making a living rather than for life itself” on the second floor of Healy Hall.

Georgetown also put up a tumblr for people to share their love for the school and to wish it a happy birthday.

That all sounds like some rowdy, good fun. But Vox and the readers know the best day for celebrating Georgetown falls near the end of April.

Photo: Ambika Ahua/Georgetown Voice

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  1. Really? That’s really the picture you chose for Georgetown’s 225th?

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