Dahlgren Chapel receiving new organ as part of renovation

A new organ will be assembled from all those different boxes you see in the photos to be placed around the altar as part of a 5-year renovation process for the Dahlgren Chapel. The organ, donated by the Lenowski family, will be in place, though not complete, in about two weeks, James Wickman, Director of Music and Liturgy, told Vox. Sunday services will not be interrupted during the installation process.

Though the organ will be in place by early February, it won’t be played for about another three weeks after that, Wickam said, as the pipes need to be individually toned for the shape of the room.

“There’s a science and an art to the whole thing,” Wickam said. “The people that do this have been doing it for many, many years. They take each pipe individually to get it just to the right sound.”

Wickam said he will be playing the organ for weddings and services once that process is complete sometime in March. The University hopes to have the entire renovation process, which includes replacing the foundation as well as new chairs, lighting, plaster, and platform for the alter, completed for Easter mass April 12. Many of the donors who funded the $7.5 million renovation will be attending the mass.

The recent vandalism in the chapel has had no effect on the renovations, Wickam said. The last organ did sustain damage during the incident.

Photo: Gavin Meyers/Georgetown Voice


2 Comments on “Dahlgren Chapel receiving new organ as part of renovation

  1. Really? No “organ transplant” puns? I’m disappointed.

  2. Well, I did hear they bought the organ on the black market.

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