Evening MBA Program to be offered in Tysons Corner this fall

The McDonough School of Business’ Evening MBA Program will be offered beginning this fall at a location in the Tysons Corner area in addition to the program already available on campus.

The program looks to bring in students that are interested in getting their MBA, but live too far from campus to realistically be able to commute for classes.

“We often get asked why we are doing this. It’s because there are a lot of people that we aren’t serving now,” said Elizabeth Griffith, Senior Associate Dean of MBA Marketing and New Program Development. “Evening program students are very special. They are hardworking and diligent. They are trying to do two things at the same time, and do them both very well. We know that there are people like that that can’t make it to campus, and we want to be able to educate them in the Georgetown tradition.”

Recently, the D.C. Metro has extended in a new direction toward the Dulles Airport. The silver line will allow easier access to many parts of Northern Virginia that were previously only available by car or bus, making the Tysons Corner location ideal for the new program

“We’re also looking at employer sessions and we’ve gotten expressions of interest from Freddie Mac, Microstrategy, the real estate community organized by Cushman and Wakefield, and we hope to have one with Verizon as well,” said Griffith. “We’re reaching out to all of our major connections and into all of the major employers out there in Tysons.”

The Evening MBA is a program that began at Georgetown in 2005. This program allows students to attend class at night and get their Masters in Business Administration while still working full time. As a result, the process takes three years as opposed to the two years taken to attain the degree as a full-time student.

The program grew to capacity, and despite the growth occurring in the D.C. area, there was no more room to expand on campus. So, an initiative was started to find a viable location for another cohort of the existing program. With many areas in Northern Virginia rapidly expanding, there were many options to be considered. Two notable areas in Arlington were Courthouse and Ballston.

“We studied every area around the district. Specifically, why Tysons over Clarendon and Ballston, is that Clarendon and Ballston are too close in. We already have a lot of students from Clarendon and Ballston,” said Giffith. “If we put a program in those locations, we would cannibalize from the existing program. Tysons is equidistant from campus and the rapidly growing Dulles corridor area, which is growing with high tech jobs, high education jobs, high paying jobs, exactly the kind of employees that seek to get an MBA and exactly the kind of people that we seek to bring into the evening program.”

Photo via Georgetown University

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