New club seeks to create community for female coders

GU Women Who Code held their first meeting Thursday in a crowded St. Mary’s classroom. Co-founders Lisa Davis, Georgetown’s Chief Information Officer, and Lisa Singh, Associate Computer Science Professor, introduced over 100 women to their club.

Davis and Singh expressed their desire to start a community at Georgetown for women coders and women who want to learn code.

Davis spoke to the genesis of the organization: “So many young women came to me last year interested in coding and a community. The D.C. tech start-up boom has contributed to this interest in computer science. So I approached Lisa [Singh] in December and asked her if she wanted to start this with me.”

The turnout on Thursday demonstrated the interest Davis spoke to.

Singh jokingly lamented that not everyone in the room wanted to be a CS major, but emphasized the importance of ascertaining some knowledge of computer science.

“I believe many of you are here because you feel this is a gap in your education, and maybe you don’t have time to take a CS course. But this is a changing economy where technology is advancing every single discipline. So to not be apart of the technology wave might leave you behind.”

Attendees discussed with Davis and Singh computer science disciplines they wished to learn. Popular among them were: Python, Ruby, Web Development, and Mobile Development.

As the meeting progressed, Davis and Singh gathered audience input on what the structure of the club should look like. Options discussed included: lecture-style meetings, subject-oriented workshops, and lab times with CS majors available to help with any questions.

Singh advocated for a working groups, where members would be sorted into groups of 5 to 10 with one expert coder to work through lessons or projects.

At the meeting’s close, Davis and Singh promised to take everyone’s suggestions into consideration and contact them within the coming weeks about how the club will proceed.

Singh closed with: “Be proud to be a female, and be proud to be someone who wants to code.”

Davis added, “I want to start a movement.”

Photo: Joshua Raftis/Georgetown Voice

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  1. I want to start a men who nurse club. Who do I talk to about that?

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