Help Georgetown win a free week of Uber

Uber, the smartphone-enabled on-demand car service, is reaching out to students from four DC universities, including Georgetown, to hold a signup competition. If Georgetown reaches 1,500 new signups by Feb. 11, all Georgetown Uber users will enjoy a full week of free rides.

Currently, Georgetown’s new signups number rests around 37, as of publishing time, ahead of AU’s 29 and Howard’s 27 but trailing GW at 52.

New users will receive a $20 credit for their first ride, and if students meet the signup goal, all Georgetown users get free rides (in addition to bragging rights over which D.C. university uses a luxury car service the most).

Uber recently launched UberX, a lower-cost alternative to the black sedans that have been rolling around the District for the past couple years. UberX includes smaller vehicles such as the Prius or Camry, and the fares are often on par with that of a normal cab. Plus, they have a cool glowing U in the windshield.

If you want to bring Georgetown closer to that quota, you can sign up here, using the promo code DCUberXtraCredit3.

Photo: Mike via Flickr

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