Georgetown BID launches 15-year plan, including two potential Metro stops

Last week, the Georgetown Business Improvement District presented its 15-year plan to improve the overall quality of the Georgetown neighborhood. Many of the plan’s most attractive features concern public transportation. BID hopes to install two new subway stops and maybe a gondola by 2028.

“We’re really focused on transportation and mobility and making it easier to get into and out of Georgetown, especially if you don’t have a car,” BID CEO Joe Sternlieb told the Voice. “We have a lot of initiatives to improve transit, to improve Circulator service, to improve bus service … We have the proposal to study the ariel gondola across the river from the Rosslyn Metro station to near the Georgetown campus.”

BID has partnered with Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, the University, the National Park Service, and the District government to formulate the plan and work on its details.

Sternlieb added that the plan also has a focus on improving public spaces in Georgetown, like adding more spacious pedestrian pathways and signage for the “historical neighborhood.” In addition, BID hopes to add new bike lanes and bikeshare stations.

“All five organizations that endorse the plan are behind that proposal to bring Metro to Georgetown,” Sternlieb said. “That would be a huge game-changer for the city if we could achieve that in 15 years.”

BID will also study a possible pedestrian bike bridge to Roosevelt Island, which Sternlieb described as over 60 acres of unused, natural land that could be turned into a park.

According to ANC Commissioner Craig Cassey (COL ’15), the ANC fully supports the new subway plan. “Regarding the metro stop, which I agree is the most exciting part of the plan, no one on the ANC currently opposes it nor expects to for any reason in the foreseeable future,” Cassey said. “The only concerns I have heard focus on the construction work that will occur and how best we can mitigate the impacts on the businesses that will be impacted as well as the residents who live nearby.”

While the ANC and any other forms of neighborly bureaucracy won’t slow down the metro trains, government bureaucracy might.

Sternlieb warned that much of the plan rests on the District deciding to gather the necessary money for the metro tunnel drilling. According to Sternlieb, a new line going through Georgetown is inevitable, but it is not yet decided exactly when that new tunnel will be built.

The class of 2032 better not take their four years of subway access for granted.

Reporting by Ana Smith

Photo: robposse via Flickr

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  1. “ariel gondola”?

    We’re getting a Disney movie?? WHO FORGOT TO TELL ME??

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